How To Do Blog Commenting… Like a BOSS!

Traffic. Something all websites need. And one of the largest sources of traffic is also the easiest to tap into and get a flood of traffic. Yes, I am talking about blog commenting.

It sounds so easy right? Find a high traffic blog and leave your website’s link in a comment. However, do that and you will virtually get no traffic. Why? Because people have no incentive to visit your blog and your comment may not even get approved because it is just spam!

Now, there is only one way to make the most out of blog commenting and get a lot of traffic. Read on.

I never read about this method, I discovered it by accident. I was on a high traffic blog, reading an SEO article and I realized that I have an extremely relevant article on my own blog so I posted a link to it. A few days later I noticed that I got over 200 hits from that single comment! The next day, I read another article which was about email marketing. I wrote an article about email marketing on my blog and left the link in a comment. 3 days later… and I got another 241 views from that comment! Sounds good right?

So here is what I did exactly.

I found a high traffic blog, which was related to my niche. As soon as I saw a brand new article… I wrote about something extremely similar, which goes well with that article.

As soon as I was finished with my article, I immediately left a comment linking to my blog post. Because my blog post was so closely related to that article, it got a lot of hits.

However, I also realized that it was no good that I could only get a surge of traffic with comments. So what I do now, is that I optimize my post to get more and more returning visitors. At the end of your article, leave some links to related content on your blog. When people see that you have quality content all over your blog… they will come back there every day!

And also (I am pretty sure I do not need to tell you this): get their email! The more subscribers you have on your list, the more traffic you can send to your blog just by sending out a broadcast. Simply download Pop Up Domination, install it and get your visitor’s emails!

And that is how to do blog commenting… like a BOSS!

This article was written by Mate Hegedus, a 16-year-old affiliate marketer from Hungary. He started to make money with Facebook and CPA, than moved on to SEO. He is giving John Chow Dot Com readers free access to his G-Domination System, and you can access the members area here.