How To Do A/B Split Testing With These Cool Tips

Landing pages are a great way to convert your readers into loyal followers. Once they land on your page, you can use these pages to promote a product or service while increasing the chances of getting a conversion. However, just like everything you need to make sure you test and tweak along the way for maximum exposure. Every niche will have its own competition so NOT testing along the way is an excellent way to lose your audience to your competition. I have written about landing page optimization before and have gone over how to create them so they are effective. However, today I’ll be discussing some things I learned along the way when testing. For example, I’ll like to discuss what elements matter when optimizing landing pages and how you can ensure you get the highest returns.

A landing page is a single “PAGE” constructed for the purpose of obtaining a specific outcome. This can either be subscription, sales, surveys, etc. Let’s look at some effective landing pages tweaks you should be making during your testing process.

The Headline

Just like the “TITLE” is important when publishing articles, it’s just as important when someone lands on your page. It’s a great way for you to give your audience a glimpse of what to expect. For example, if I am offering a FREE eBook on “link building” then writing something like “25 secret link building strategies” will encourage my readers to opt-in. You have to make the headline attract and need to test different formulas along the way. Your objective should be to split-testing pages with a different headline and find out which ones are converting the most.

Once you have determined the highest converting headline, you can use it going forward and this will guarantee the highest conversion rate.


Embedding photos and videos are a great way to get the point across quickly. With too much text, it can take time for the reader to go through everything and you can lose the conversion along the way. However, having videos which quickly showcase the perks of your products or service is a great way to attract your audience. Here are two growing trends that I’ve noticed:

First, many of the highest converting landing pages are using videos and images to convert visitors. I’ve visited many top blogging landing pages and have seen this happening. Secondly, many of the ESP’s are making it very easy to embed videos into your landing page which means this feature is in popular demand. When adding videos, it’s important to keep this in mind:

  • Make sure they are right to the point
  • Make sure they are relevant
  • Make sure they are attractive
  • High-quality video and images add value to the landing page

However, before you can find what works you have to make sure you test and tweak along the way. Only then, you’ll find out what photos and videos perform the best.


It’s important you test different call to action button because all can produce a different result. For example, some buttons can be flashy while others can be dull. However, you need to find out what works best for you. I suggest testing different ones and even making sure you try different locations. Testing and tweaking both these elements will increase conversions by simply finding the right balance between them both.

The Form Information

Many people don’t think about testing this element however I’m here to tell you it’s crucial if you want to increase conversions. If you ask for too much information, it can decrease conversion rates while asking for too little might NOT get you the information you are looking for. Here’s what I’ve learned:

First, only ask for the information you need and nothing more because the visitor knows what’s irrelevant to the service or product. Every niche will be different so test and tweak different elements until you find the right balance. Secondly, it’s important to test the way these elements are displayed: color, size, font, and placement. Third, it’s important to test what happens after they are done inputting this information into the form because this is imperative in making sure the visitor stays subscribed. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How will they download the product or service
  • Where will they be taken after opting in
  • What will the first message look like after subscribing to your form

These are all critical questions but need to be tested in order for you to increase CTR and conversions.

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