How To Cut a Pineapple

One of the cool things about traveling to different parts of the world is you get to learn so many great and wonderful things, like how to cut a pineapple. You may think that pineapple cutting is easy but let me assure you, it’s harder than it looks.

Before seeing the demo, I had no idea that you were not suppose to cut the top of the stem. Instead, you should twist it off and plant it back into the ground. In 18 to 20 months, it’ll give you a brand new pineapple to cut!

The following video demos two ways to cut a pineapple. The first is very easy but produces quite a bit of waste. The second produces no waste but takes quite a bit of skills.

Yes it’s true. At John Chow dot Com, you not only learn how to make money online but how to cut a pineapple as well. It’s a skill that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. 🙂