How To Create The Ultimate Branding Video

We all know that video is a great marketing tool. However, creating a great video, especially one to promote your brand, can be an expensive and time consuming process. This is where my friend and videographer, Tasha Cooney, comes in.

Besides helping me with my videos, Tasha helps entrepreneurs with their video production needs. From developing scripts to location scouting, Tasha does it all. Corporate brands pay her as much as $10K per day for her work because they know they’re made far more than that back. Plus her work is amazing.

The reason I’m telling you this is because Tasha is going on a tour all over the world to help create a video and branding package for YOU!

If you or your business is looking for a top notch videographer to tell your story, give Tasha a shout. She may be coming to your area!

During her tour, Tasha will be offering a special package call Brand You Live. For three full days, you’ll be working one on one with Tasha to develop a complete branding strategy for your business.

Normally Tasha charges $10,000 per day, plus travel, to do this level of work. However, during the Brand You Live tour, you can get everything listed here for only $3,500. Anyone who has ever made a corporate branding video knows that this is an absolute steal.

This is a limited time offer. There are only 30 slots available and they will go fast. Watch the video below to see how Tasha can help you kick your business promotions to the next level.

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