How To Create, Market and Make Money Off a Viral Video

Ryan Shamus has put up a great big tutorial on how to create, market and make money off a viral video and order this review to help promote it. Pretty much everyone I met at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas agreed that video is going to be the next big thing. I’m trying to add more videos to this blog and I’m talking to some of the other Dot Com Pho goers about starting a weekly video podcast.

A viral video can take on a life of its own (that’s why it’s viral) and if you can create one, it can send you more traffic than being on the front page of Digg. It can make you more money too – if you monetize it correctly. According to Ryan, the most important factor in creating a viral video is being unique.

The most important thing to consider when you are trying to create a viral video is that it needs to be something unique, informative, funny or something that captures the attention of the audience’s interest level. Viral videos gain effectiveness by the amount of people that it comes into contact with. And, it will only get passed around if it is really great.

This is one of the funniest videos quickly spreading round the net. It has nearly 10 million views so far! Imagine if you, as a marketer were the creator of this video.

Don’t have the talent to make your own video? No problem. Ryan’s post shows you how to make money off any current video on Youtube or other video sharing sites.