How To Create Content That Won’t Rely on Google for Traffic

There is no argument Google is the best source of traffic through organic optimization. However, it’s important with the shifting trends that you start to rely on other forms of traffic. I’ve always been a big fan of NOT being dependent on a single traffic source because if you lose it, then you’ll be left cold. Even though it’s important to have a solid SEO campaign in place, it’s even more important to have other traffic sources that work just as well. This doesn’t have to be expensive because in most cases, it’s simply writing the right type of content, then reaching the right channels. Whenever I write content, there are 3-4 strategies I use to come up with the right topic ideas. From my experience, I know what works and creates the highest buzz on a handful of marketing channels. Here’s something that’s important.

This strategy only works well if you have content and know where to market afterward. I’ll be covering both of these crucial aspects in this post. Enjoy!

Let’s get started…

Social Media Mentions

With this strategy, any type of content will perform well, but it has to be high quality and worth sharing. You’re going to leverage influential people in your niche to “share” your content, so it’s important it’s up to their standards. I would start by sending them a copy of your content, asking them for their feedback then making the necessary tweaks before publishing. Once published, it’s time to get authority bloggers to share your content and if you’ve been in business for years, this shouldn’t be a problem. For example, after being in the business for 7 years, I’ve networked with some pretty serious people in my niche and can reach out to them for help. Next,

Some of these people have over 100,000 followers, which is a massive amount of exposure. Not only will sharing my content generate traffic, but enormous leads at the same time.


The power of interviews cannot be underestimated and you can leverage them for generating leads and traffic. Beginners in your niche will love to hear what the experts are saying and once published, the interviewee will be more than happy to share their experience. However, there are a few protocols to follow to make sure your interview is well worth the time and effort. First, it’s important to be genuine in your approach and tell them why you’ve decided to interview them. Next, it’s important to perform research to find trending questions in your niche. For example…

  • Find common questions people have
  • Reach out to your readers for ideas
  • Compile the list and narrow it down if necessary
  • Compile a list of the top bloggers in your niche

I’ve mentioned before that my expert post, once published, went viral very quickly because it answered common questions and was shared by each of the experts on their social profile. Some of these people had enormous influence in social networks and were able to direct much needed traffic to my site.

Resources Lists

I’m surprised how many people create resource lists, but don’t know how to leverage them afterward. For example, compiling a list of the best content online is a great way to reduce search time for others in your niche. Instead of people skimming through the web to find the information they need, they’ll simply skim through a single page on your site and find what they need. I see many people utilizing this strategy, but it’s what they do after that surprises me. For example,

When I compiled my list of 122 Epic Case Studies from My Top Bloggers & Blogs, I reached out to every single one of them, asking them to share my content. Why? I showed them I respected their content and my list will be an amazing resource for their relevant readers. Many of them agreed and in one day, I generated 1,500 visitors to that single page. However, I see others doing the exact opposite and NOT doing an outreach after publishing a resource list. It’s important to leverage the opportunity and let these bloggers (on your list) know the importance of your content.

Here’s what you should do to leverage this strategy…

  • Find a common problem in your niche
  • Do a quick search in Google and find the best content answering this question
  • Start compiling a list mentioning: blog name, content, URL, and author
  • Create your content and publish
  • Reach out to every single person on your list and ask them for their feed then to share your content

This simple strategy can transform your blog traffic within a single day.

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