How To Create Content That Get Results

Writing is an art. Artists get paid.

You need to weave in ideas that can cause someone to take action. No matter what it takes, don’t trade the quality of your posts, articles, videos and what have you for quantity.

Of course there is nothing wrong with creating more content, but you should care more about readership and what impact you’re making in the lives of your readers.

See, making money online to me is the #1 reason why we all launched our new blogs.

I know a lot of people would dispute that claim, with persuasive reasons like having passion or just trying to share their ideas to the world. But deep within, we all crave for more.

Everyone desires to become better in life. Money making is fundamental. And your content should follow this same hunger and bring you profit. Don’t you think so?

Enough of waiting for people to commend you, appreciate your blog or hire you to do a job for them. The right time to cause a revolutionary change in your business is now. What you must do is lose your inner guts and let that creative energy in you flow.

The truth about content writing

Thousands of blogs are being launched right now using wordpress.

It’s certain that the topic you have in mind is being published by some other bloggers somewhere, maybe a blog you haven’t discovered yet. You’re not everywhere. “Duh!”

You may not be totally unique or change the world with your content, but you can influence a special group of people who have been waiting on the queue just to hear what you’ve to say.

Forget about driving 1000+ visitors and readers to your blog daily – all that traffic is going to mean nothing if you’ve no idea that’s worth following. Every blogger/writer is a leader.

You may think that making money online is difficult, which is because you’ve tried several money making systems but nothing worked for you. My advice to you is simple: become a master at content writing.

If you can write well enough to change people’s thought about a particular topic, you’ll make money. Guaranteed!

The only solution you have…


Did you know that readers are drowning in content? There are piles of articles and posts to read, videos to watch and podcasts to listen to.

Most bloggers are already giving up because no one is giving them any attention. Building a captive audience is getting more hectic by the day.

The only solution for every blogger who wants to make money writing is to produce the BEST content. Now when I say ‘best’ I’m not talking about a masterpiece.

I simply mean ‘that’ content that truly answers questions which people are asking. Why would you ever write a post on a topic that no one cares about?

There is a drastic shift in engagement on the internet right now. Your target audience is becoming more focused on what they read. They want you to specialize on a particular field and deliver the best content to them.

For instance, a Dentist is a Teeth Specialist. A Surgeon specializes in surgical operations, not in administering drugs.

So quit writing about everything and get focused cowboy.

That’s how you can make money with your content. You see, if your blog is about internet marketing, it may be too difficult for you to truly generate real income online these days. Not because the money are all gone to John Chow and other top earners, but because the competition in the mainstream is too much. Gush!

The only angle you can succeed easily is to specialize and become a master on a particular niche. Then pour your spirit into it and write the “BEST” content for your audience.

Ideally, you may want to learn all you can about email marketing and then write content in that sub-niche, instead of writing about SEO, social media, money making and the rest. Become a master and you’ll produce the BEST content for your audience because now, you’re more focused and passionate about your chosen niche.

Money making takeaway

Be the best. Learn from your competitors and do a better job.

If someone had written a post on how to get subscribers, you should go a step further and include a screenshot, give examples of the autoresponder follow up emails that would educate these subscribers as you write your own tutorial.

Better yet, create a video and show your readers how to make your optin box attractive, clickable and converting. Just do more in you content. Because if you suck, you get nothing.

Do you write content that makes you money? Share your success stories or challenge in the comment box below. See you at the top!

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