How To Create Blog Content – Buy It From ArticleMe

Content is a blog’s lifeblood. Without it, the blog goes stale and eventually dies a slow and painful death. Keeping the content flowing on a consistence basises the one of the biggest challenges a blogger faces. Most bloggers produce their own content. Some have in-house writers and some will use freelancers. In-house writers and freelancers can be very expensive. An alternative is to use PLR articles but they’re not unique and their quality leaves a lot to be desired. Now there is a third option:

What Is ArticleMe?

ArticleMe is a marketplace to buy and sell professional written content for your blog, website, or publication. ArticleMe provides a secure environment where buyers can inspect the content, check the quality and insure that it is unique while securing payment for the service provided. ArticleMe is the creation of Levi Thornton, founder of the popular social networking site, as well as and offers the following benefits to blogger looking for content:

  • Plagiarism check – Content submitted is automatically checked to ensure its uniqueness or previous uses. This ensures against the threat of copyright infringement.
  • Review prior to purchase – Buyers may preview between 20 and 40 percent of the article to ensure quality and writing style.
  • Content request – Buyers with specific needs may request such content in the format of their choice.

Publishers can use ArticleMe to find unique contents to buy for use on their blogs. Writers can make money by listing their articles on the ArticleMe marketplace. There is no cost to list your articles on the service. ArticleMe takes a 30% cut of sales as their fee. Payments are sent the instant sales are made.

Three Types of Licenses

The articles on ArticleMe are available in three content licenses:

  • Usage – This type of licenses only gives buyers the right to use the content, but allows you to keep selling the content to more than one buyer.
  • Unique – This licenses type allows you to sell the content to only one buyer. They will be the only user of this content, however they can not resell the content.
  • Full – This type of licenses gives the buyer full rights to the content. This means you no longer own the content rights. The new owner can sell, use, or display the content to others in any way they see fit.

As a blogger, I recommend you buy only unique or full license content. A Usage licensed article isn’t much better than a PLR license and might land you with a duplicate content penalty from Google.

Win $3,000 from ArticleMe is a new service and as such, doesn’t have many articles in their marketplace. They plan to change that with a $3,000 cover story contest. If you have a blog, you could win cash for blogging about the launch of (like what I’m doing right now). If your write-up is chosen as the winning cover story you will be featured on the front page of ArticleMe and win $3,000 USD. Here are the rules:

  • You need a blog
  • Your cover story must be about ArticleMe
  • You have a link to within the cover story
  • You can only enter in 3 stories in the contest and they must be published 3 months apart
  • Once your story is published you need to submit it within 24 hours to qualify for the contest

$3,000 to write a cover story. Even I’ll enter that! Oh wait, I just did. Good luck with your entry. Should I win, I will donate the money to World Vision Canada.

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