How To Come Up with New Blog Content

As you become a more avid blogger, it is likely you will run in to some form of writer’s block at one point or another. Coming up with interesting, creative, relevant content can be a difficult task. Here are a few tips to help combat those days when you are simply stumped.

A first idea, is to browse other social media forums and see if anything sparks your interest. Look for articles that people are linking to, see what is trending, use these mediums as a guide for what people are interested in right now. See how you can use these topics to tie in to your particular blog – after all, you don’t want to post something that is out of your readers interest.


Another idea is to browse through other blogs. Look at the blogs that you read on a regular basis, what is it about them that keeps you coming back? They may have information posted on your blog that can spur an idea for your own blog. Obviously, when it comes to getting ideas from other blogs, remember to stay away from any temptation to plagiarize. That is the fastest way to lose credibility with your readers and the blogging community.

Another way to find something to blog about is to review your own previous posts. The longer you’ve been posting, the more you have to search through – obviously – and those posts may be ones that you want to rewrite and post again. If your readership has grown, it’s also possible, and likely, that your newer readers haven’t ever read those posts. Reviewing the past may be a great way to burst through that writers block.

If you write a blog that can have posts on varying subjects, this makes banishing writing block an easier task. You can write about anything from fashion, politics, money, exercise, current events and even food or recipes. Even if you your blog is more specific, you can also see what ways you can tie any of the above mentioned topics in to your particular niche.

Remember to just keep in mind the audience of your blog, find posts that are interesting to them and will keep them coming back from more. Writer’s block happens to us all, and hopefully some of the ideas we mentioned here will help you break through!