How To Build Your Personal Brand

Tonight was the monthly meet up for Third Tuesday Vancouver. It’s call Third Tuesday because they meet on the third Tuesday of every month. Most of the time, it’s just informal networking among members but tonight there was a presentation by Rebecca Bollwitt from on building your personal brand.

What caught my interest wasn’t so much Rebecca’s presentation, which was very good. What stood out for me was the live blogging software used by Tris Hussey to live blog the presentation.

Cover It Live is a web based software that takes live blogging to a whole other level. Your commentary are published in real time like an instant message. The system lets you lets you drop polls, videos, pictures, ads and audio clips anytime you want. There are even options to have real time comments and questions from your readers. And it works with Twitter, so that anyone who was twittering the event can get on the live stream. Below is a replay of the live blog. Had Cover It Live been running on this blog, you would have been able to read everything in real time.