How To Build Your Own App In Under 12 Minutes

The Mobile App revolution is something online marketers cannot ignore and with very good reason. Statistics show that up to 50% of Americans own a smartphone.

That number keeps growing by the day and if you want to be a part of this multi-billion dollar industry, there is no better time than now.

However, the thing that deters most people from trying to make their own mobile app is the myth that it’s just too complicated. Not many people are keen on reading manuals or watching videos for hours on end, and I get that.

Well in this video my friend Peng Li aka Dylan totally blows away that myth by showing you can build your own mobile app from scratch in under 12 minutes.


He’s automated app building to a few clicks of a mouse, and you would never believe that this system has helped thousands of business owners with no design or programming experienceto create apps for their own businesses, or resell apps for premium rates.

Green App Machine gives you the tools and freedom to develop your niche-app empire and what you decide to do with it is up to you.

And here’s the thing, unlike other systems in the market, Green App Machine does not limit the amount of apps you can create per account and more importantly, it grants 100% legal ownership of the apps you create.

You’re also going to love the fact that it comes with an in-house Keyword Research Tool that will allow you to pinpoint hidden goldmines with laser precision.

This video is a pretty crazy look at how he pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how thousands of people just like you are doing it and building a profitable long-term business in the process.

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