How To Beat The Competition In Your Niche

Are you so scared of competition?

The truth is that competition can actually discourage you from moving forward in your blogging business. But all hope is not lost. Or is it?

In this post, I want to share a quick action tip which you can use to beat competition in your niche right now.

No matter the huge number of blogs out there and the number of people starting up new businesses online, you can still profit BIG Time if you press the right buttons.

Don’t be depressed by the latest Google Penguin and all other updates in the search engine world.

You’ve all it takes to build a sustainable business from scratch, or expand your already established business. But you’ve a role to play.

Passion elevates your confidence

Before I share the quick action tip to help you beat competition no matter stiffness, I want you to know that being passionate about your subject is an essential key.

If you’re very observant, I’m sure that you must have met with bloggers who are boring. Their content doesn’t resonate with you. The title sucks and their premium products are regurgitated from every nook and cranny of the web.

Most people became bloggers not because they loved it, but because they saw others doing the same thing.

After all, registering a domain name will not cost more than $12, and a hosting package is cheap as well. Even a 2-year old can easily install wordpress and start blogging if you instruct him or her.

I want you to check yourself to see whether you’re passionate about your niche. If you claim to be a social media expert, do you really love to network with people? Because the word “social” means relationship, communication and sharing.

It has little to do with selling. You’ve to communicate your originality first, before asking for benefit from your followers.

So, check your passion radar and make sure you LOVE your niche, your topic and your blog. Once you’ve identified where your passion lies, here is a simple way to beat competition…

Unique Angle (voice)     blogging voice

Let me dazzle you a little. Did you know that every article topic had already been written, by someone who knows more than you?

It’s a fact that if you want to write about the latest Penguin for example, you’ll discover other bloggers who have written extensively on it. Take it or leave it!

Because of the level of competition and the fact that everyone and their friends are now blogging, you’ve to think out of the box, if you must succeed in this age.

Inasmuch as we advice people to write quality content and build engagement, the truth of the matter is that all YOU HAVE LEFT with you as blogger and internet matter is YOUR VOICE.

Nobody can duplicate or copy that. Yes, someone can copy your content and make it theirs, but your voice is UNIQUE to you alone. In the entire world!

Voice your authority

When you find a piece of idea that you want to turn it into a blog post, don’t just write what everyone is writing. Write like a professional who holds an important position in the society.

Stay quiet for a while and think of ways to make it better; with your voice. Remember, it’s the only unique feature that’s left with you in today’s densely competitive blogosphere.

Even if thousands of bloggers have written about “SEO, list building, money making etc.” don’t be scared to join the chariot. But you must come from a different angle and convey your message in a better way.

The same rule goes for product creation. Sure, a lot of people have created their own e-book product on the same topic you’ve in mind, but it doesn’t really matter.

Just use your VOICE when you create yours and you’ll be loved by prospective customers for standing out.

Still scared of competition?

In case you’re still concerned of competition that’s in your niche, I want to remind you that to a large extent, the world has more buyers than sellers.

The world has more listeners than speakers. The world has more readers than writers and bloggers.

You’ve your own world to capture, educate and profit from. Instead of looking at the competition and mapping out strategies to beat it, look at your unique VOICE and use it to stand out from the crowd.

In other words, don’t try to compete with anyone, complement them instead. You’ll succeed if you don’t give up.

What’s your own view on beating competition? Drop a comment in the box right below and let’s talk. Guess what? You’re Awesome!

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