How To Be The Most Connected Person On The Internet

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know!

You can be the smartest person in the world with the best money making idea ever but if you’re not connected to the right people who can bring those ideas to reality, then it doesn’t really matter. The big winners of this world are always the ones who are the most connected – it really is who you know and not what you know.

I owe much of my success to people who are connected to other people. For example, it was my connection with Neil Petal that allowed me to connect with the head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, which got my blog back into the Google search index. Being connected with the right people will make success a whole lot easier. The question is, how do you get connected?

Dr. David Klein – The Most Connected Person On The Internet

Of all the people I have met in the Internet marketing industry, the most connected by far is Dr. David Klein. From the top Internet marketers in the world to the big wigs at Google and Facebook, DK knows EVERYBODY! He was a featured speaker at the Affiliate Summit West Facebook panel (the most attended panel of ASW), he organized the biggest affiliate poker tournament in the world that was attended by the biggest affiliate marketers in the world. His ThinkTank events are attended by the who’s who of the Internet marketing world.

This wasn’t always the case. DK started with no connections just like you and me. How did Dr. Klein go from a nobody to the most connected person the Internet? It’s a questions I wanted to know and I think you’ll want to know as well. I asked him to tell us and he made this awesome video that shows you a step by step system on how to get ultra connected. I think you’ll agree with me that if you’re connected to the right people, you can do just about anything. Imagine how much easier it would be to launch a new product if you’re connected to all the big marketers or how much easier it’ll be to get funding for a new business venture if you’re connected to all the big VCs in the Valley.

Success is a team sport. No one who has achieved any level of success has done it alone. Sure, it may look like it sometimes, but I can guarantee you that every successful person has a well connected team behind them and I can’t think of a better person to help you get connected than Dr. David Klein. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything. Enjoy the video!

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