How To Be My Friend On Facebook

“Dear John. How come you haven’t responded to my friend request? Are you too good for me? F**k you!”

The above isn’t the exact email I got but it’s a pretty close representation. While I would love to be respond to and approve all Facebook friend requests, the truth of the matter is, I can’t. The first problem is Facebook has a 5,000 friends limit and I’m pretty close to that.

The second problem is I just don’t have time to go through all the friend requests, which currently stands at 1,025.

If you’re among the 1,025 people wanting to be my friend on Facebook, I recommend you go the extra mile by sending me a nice Facebook message saying hi. Chances are high that I will approve the friend request. However, if you’re hoping that I will go through all the friend requests one day and approve you, you’ll be waiting until the cows come home.