How To Apply To An Ad Network

Have you ever applied to an ad network and got rejected? The reason for the the rejection may not be so obvious. Many sites and blogs have the quality and traffic to join but are rejected because the network can’t confirm basic information. The next time you apply to an ad network, make sure you meet the following guidelines.

Have a Domain Name

This should be a no brainer. If you’re serious about making money online, you simply have to get your own domain name. Most ad networks will not accept a site hosted by a free service. How serious are you about making money online if you won’t even spend $8 to register a domain? The Internet has the lowest barriers of entry of any businesses out there. Spend the few bucks it takes to set up a proper site and you’ll open up a world of ad network opportunities.

Use Your Domain Email

The number one problem of any ad network is fraud. Many scammers will apply to networks using sites that they do not own. At TTZ Media, we’ve actually received applications from people claiming their site is However, they applied with a Yahoo email address.

When applying to a network, make sure you use your domain email address. In other words, if you own, you should enter your email as This makes it easy for the network to confirm that you do indeed own the site. If there is a reason why you can’t use a domain email then you should use the same email as the email address used to register the domain.

When TTZ Media comes across an application using a free email service, the first thing we do is check the whois records to see if the free email matches the email used to register the domain. If it’s doesn’t match, we reject the application. If we really like the site, we will email the address on the whois record to confirm ownership or to tell the site owner that someone is trying to use his site without his knowledge.

Many webmasters use a private registration service to hide their identity. If you’re one of them, then make sure you apply using your domain email. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. If the ad network can’t confirm site ownership, you’ll never get approved.

Have a Completed About Page

The first page we look at when a new site applies to TTZ Media is the about page. It doesn’t matter how good the blog is, if the about page still says, “This is an example of an about page” we reject the application. Many times, those type of sites are just scraping content off legit sites.

What we are looking for from the about page is some information that we can match against the application. If we can’t find the name of the site owner anywhere, chances are high the site will be rejected.

Have Contact Information On Your Site

Having contact information on your site makes it easier for ad networks to confirm the information in your application. If they match, it’s a pretty sure bet that the owner of the site is indeed the person applying. This is a good way to get around the domain email requirement while using private registration. You can list the email you always use in your contact page.

Even if you never plan to apply to any ad networks, you should still maintain a contact page to prevent scammers from using your site to apply to a bunch of unsuspecting networks.