How To Adjust To A Mobile World

We live in a very mobile world. A world full of quick Google searches, snap decisions and instant gratification. One out of every five people in the entire world has a smartphone. However, the majority of these people still do not use them for in-depth, thick research on a product or service. For business owners, and those within the business that are responsible for the advertising, it is important to keep this new area of mobile searching in their business plans.

For a brick and mortar company, it would be wise to make sure your google places setting in set-up correctly. You want your business to be incredibly visible when someone does a search for nearby stores, and you want to have the reviews there to reinforce why your company is their best choice.


Along with being visible to mobile users through map or location searches, for advertising purposes it is a great idea to use geo targeted advertising. By creating specific ads based on a certain geographical location is a great way to peak the interest of customers that are located within that area. In other words, by having a certain advertisement appear on the mobile browser of someone within a five mile radius of your brick and mortar building, could be a very productive way to generate foot traffic; while having ads that run on mobile browsers outside of that radius can focus on products or services that can be shipped or used over online services.

Most people use their smartphones to solve an immediate problem or request. It is important to create ads that also follow the same “goal-driven” mentality. When it comes to creating ad content for a mobile device, think of wording your content in a way that creates a solution to an immediate problem. Think about the psychology of your potential customer and what they could be searching for in an urgent matter, and create a solution to that problem. Get into the mind of the customer, think like they think, and use those ideas in your mobile ad content.

Keep in mind that almost everyone in the entire world has smartphones, and almost everyone uses them to browse social media while waiting in line for their lunch, do immediate searches on their browser for a specific and immediate need or answer to a question, and not to make drawn out research papers. There is a reason laptops still exist – it’s for the drawn out research. Like stated before, get into the minds of the customer, use their psychology and habits to your benefit!