How To Add Performancing Ads To Your Blog

After my screen cast on how to book your own Performancing Ads, I got a bunch of emails from readers wanting to know how to install Performancing Ads onto their blogs.

Since its launch less than a week ago, Performancing Ads has added thousands of blogs into their network. They now have the biggest market place for 125×125 ads on the Internet and that is really attracting a lot of advertisers. I’ve already received emails and comments from fellow bloggers saying they’ve received a sale within a day of installing the Performancing Ads plugin. If you’re not a Performancing Ads publishers yet, you should sign up now. It’s free to join and the worst thing that can happen is you’ll get a free listing in a very big market place.

Unlike Google AdSense, adding Performancing Ads to your blog is not a simple copy and paste operation. Performancing Ads requires you to set up a region and download and install a plugin. For those who are unfamiliar the procedure, I’ve made this step-by-step screen cast showing how to add Performancing Ads to your blog.

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