How To Achieve Location Free with The Karma Go

One of the best features of making money online is the fact that you can do this from anywhere in the world. This freedom of location is available as long as you have access to the internet. The keyword being access.

The Karma Go is the latest and greatest gadget to help you achieve location freedom. The Karma Go is a really small (2.6 inches wide, 2.6 inches tall, 0.47 inches deep) wireless device that allows you to connect up to ten other devices to share its high-speed LTE WiFi.

What makes the Karma Go unique is the company’s pricing plan. The Karma Go device is $149 ($139 with John Chow discount). Once you have the Karma Go, you only need data, and this is where Karma Go kills the competition.


The data costs $14 for 1GB, $59 for 5GB, and $99 for 10GB. Here’s the key. There is no contract, and the data never expires. In other words, if you order 10GB, you don’t have to re-order until you use up all 10GB. There is no time limit. You can take a long as you like to use the data. If you take a year to use it up, then you take a year. When you compare this to the typical “pay as you go” plan that resets every month, this is a game changer. The Karma Go is truly pay as you go.

Most hotspot plans are structured like a phone plan: you sign a two year contract (to get the device for “free”), you pay a flat monthly amount for a certain usage level, and pay overages for any usage beyond that. Unless you’re some sort of internet wizard, it’s unlikely you’ll ever use exactly your monthly allotment and never more or less. That means either you’ll pay for data you don’t use, or you’ll pay the inflated overage price. The Karma Go eliminates all of this.

The retail price of a Karma Go is $149. However, you can save $10 by using the John Chow discount. I’ve been using the Karma Go for the past few weeks, and it has performed flawlessly. I look forward to using it on the next road trip.

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