How Ranking #3 Can Generate More Than Ranking #1

No matter who told you that unless you rank at number 1 in Google homepage, you’ll not make money online  – that person had lied to you. This is no time to argue because I’ve all the facts to backup what I just said.

The harsh truth is that you should stop struggling to rank at #1 for the sake of it. Google is a search engine that’s powerful enough to send you targeted traffic if you do that right things – doesn’t matter where you’re ranked.

And most of us easily forget that Google delivers searches in different countries of the world. Even in United States, the search results for a particular keyword might appear at different positions in California, Georgia and so on.

To get you started on this, remember that your goal as a website owner is either to sell your product or attract clients. In any case, you can increase your income or at least maintain your current earnings.

So, how can you make more sales ranking #3 or even #5 in Google top 10 search engine results pages (SERPs)?

1.   Target several long-tail keywords

If you can target a lot of long-tail keywords, then you can easily rank well in Google and get a lot of hits. The truth of the matter is that a long-tail keyword will not send you a lot of traffic.

But if you combine the power of several longer key terms, you’ll see a significant increase in traffic and sales. It’s working for me right now.

Therefore, whether you’re building a niche site, you already have one or just your professional  blog – start targeted several long-tail keywords because the competition is not as intense as you’d find when you target a particular seed keyword.

If I assume your niche is electric guitar and you want more hits and sales, then target longer terms such as, “best electric guitar, top rated electric guitar, top electric guitar brands” and so much more.

Overtime, your website will start generating a lot of ready-to-buy visitors and just a few quality links can get you on Google’s top 10, even if it’s not #1 position.

2.   Secret two: Write list-based titles

make more sales online

Have you ever ignored the number 1 search result in Google and clicked 2, 3 all the way down to number 8? The reason is simple: you were captivated by the title.

When I’m researching a particular keyword or niche market to see the potential of ranking faster and cashing in, one of the weaknesses I’d see and get motivated is poor titles from my competitors.

This tells me that you’re not competiting with anyone but complementing them.

In this case, they had weak and unattractive titles, you’ll then write a better and list-based title to hijack online searchers and persuade them. This is legit marketing and if you do it this way, you MUST succeed.

Why did I say list-based titles? It’s because people love them. When I do a search in Google and find “7 Ways to Organize A Successful Webinar”, I’d rather click it than going for “Organize a Successfully Seminar Today.”

People want step by step tutorials. They also want tips and ways of doing a particular thing. So even if you’re not ranking #1 yet, list-based titles can help you drive more targeted traffic, increase sales and income as fast as possible.

3.   Write powerful descriptions

After the title, comes the description. You should be using the all-in-one SEO Pack because it makes it easy for you to write a description for your posts. Download it here.

The reason why you need a description is because it’d motivate searchers and readers to click and read more. And don’t forget that search engine spiders also index descriptions. Write a unique description of about 120 persuasive words and don’t forget to have few of the keywords you’re targeting there.

The keyword may not appear in order or exactly the way you researched it. Just make sure you’ve the signals that can tell Google spider to consider you a worthy expert.

4.   Write persuasive body

The body of your post, article or product review is where you say it as it is. Most bloggers and niche marketers think they’re too smart to deceive prospects. What they fail to realise is that prospects and customers are Kings. And as Kings, they’re bold and wise enough to detect your pranks.

When you review any product for instance, don’t try to sell it at all cost. Instead, point out the good aspect of the product as well as the bad if any.

And the truth of the matter is that no product is 100% perfect. That’s why you must study the product you’re reviewing to know the pros and cons. Never conclude that ‘this’ is the cutting-edge offer your prospect has being waiting for.

Here’s what you must do: motivate people to see the benefits of the product. Why they need to get it, not because you’re broke or need to raise some quick cash, but because you care about them.

As you point out the downsides of a particular product, proffer solutions why it doesn’t matter and how they (prospects & customers) can by-pass the downsides and benefit from it.

Important: take this home

Google authorship can also boost your click-through rates in Google top 10.

If you’re struggling to rank for your primary keyword in the #1 position, having your picture beside your result can boost your authority and get people to perceive you as an expert even if you appear at #5 or #7. After all, experts don’t hide their faces in the dusk like beginners do. No apologies…

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