How Not To Brag About Your Google Earnings

I was reading Digg today and saw an interesting post from this person who said he made $150 in one day from Google and he made a blog page on how he did it. So I follow the link to read how this Google whore managed to pull off his Google coup. Image my shock and amusement when I read this person made his $150 from Google by asking readers to click on the Google ad! I guess he never read the TOS that say you can not ask people to click on ads.

It’s quite clear this person had no idea what the rules are. And the fact that he tried to get Dugg with a blog post about it shows just how stupid he was. I entered a comment in the Digg post saying “Once Google find out that you cheated, you won’t get anything”. That was after a few other comments saying he violated the TOS. I guess the comments scared him because he removed the Digg post and his page that told people to click on the ad.

So a word to the wise Google whores. If you tell people to click on your Google ads, don’t Digg about it!