How Much Spam Do You Get Per Day?

Normally, I empty my spam folder every time I go to check my email. There are always more spam than legit emails and most of the time, I never bother to check the spam folder – I just empty it without looking. However, last night I was wondering how many spams I actually receive per day, so instead of emptying the spam folder, I decided to let it build it up for 24 hours.

The 24 hours are up and I now have the answer on how much spam I receive in one full day.


While the number of spams are high, it’s not as shocking as it used to be. This is because my web host, BlueFur, placed a spam killer right on the server. The spam that GMail kill were the spam that got through the server’s spam filter. If the filter wasn’t there, the spam count would be over 4,000 per day. How much spam do you get per day?