How Much Money Can You Grab?

Remember that Market Leverage Cashinator from the Affiliate Summit? Well it gave my buddy Chris Angus an idea for a new page. If I can grab $27 from the Cashinator, how much cash could I grab if I were to rob a bank?

Chris’s new site, Bank Robby Talent answer the question how much cash could I grab in a bank robbery without actually robbing the bank. By answer ten simple questions that range from your physical condition to your experience in the art of theft, Bank Robbery Talent can tell you within a dollar how much you can carry out of that bank. Being as evil as I am, I figure I would do great in this test.


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It Better Be Big Bills

After answering all ten questions, Bank Robbery Talent concluded that I could carry $3,596,940 out of a bank. That’s considerably more than the $27 I took from the Cashination. I hope the bank has a lot of $1,000 bills because I can’t see how I’ll be able to carry out $3 million of cash out in twenties.

It’s pretty clear that Chris sent this page to me as linkbait, but it’s the kind of linkbait that we always fall for. How much cash can you grab? Take the test and find out.

Now for the ultimate question. If really can grab the amount of money Bank Robbery Talent tells you can steal and get away with it, would you rob that bank? :twisted: