How Much Is Your Time Worth – Part 2

I guess I have pretty good timing. Yesterday, I posted a Driving with John Chow video on why you should place a value on your time. Today, I came across this little gem.

Sad but true: Some Apple fans are apparently so hyped for the iPhone 6 — and they apparently have so little to do — that they’ve already started lining up for it even though it’s a week from even being announced, let alone released.

Yes it’s true. There’s already a line up at the flagship 5th Avenue Apple store in New York.


I wonder if these people realize that the iPhone is only going to be announced on September 9. It is not going on sale on that date. Generally, the sale will happen two to three weeks after being announced, so these iSheeps will be getting to know each other really well since they’ll be lining up for over a month!

Truth be told, I’m actually cheering these people on. It’s fanatics like them that has pushed Apple stocks to an all time high. I’m a very happy Apple shareholder!

Maybe I’ll fly to New York and join them in a line up for a day or two. Then I can make a blog post about how I made money online while lining up for an iPhone. 😛