How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

Now, this looks like a quiz that I would have made. You know, me being evil and all. There are many ways to measure a person’s worth but for the life of me, I have yet to figure out the worth of a soul. I know it’s worth a lot to the devil since he offers a lot in exchange for it. Well, now you can find out how much the devil values those souls with a new site call How Much Is Your Soul Worth?

By answering 15 simply questions that range from “Do you help old ladies across the street, or kick them when they fall over?” to “If you had a choice between having lot of money and no love in your life, or lots of love and no money, which would you choose?” How Much Is Your Soul Worth will be able to tell you how much the devil is willing to pay for it.

$666,666 Soul Dollars

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How Much Is My Soul Worth?

After answering all 15 questions, How Much Is Your Soul Worth told me that my soul was worth $666,666 soul dollars. 😈

I’m not exactly sure how many US dollars it takes to make a soul dollar. At any rate, I’m not happy with the worth of my soul. I’m sure it’s worth more than that. I think the devil is trying to low ball me.

I think what’s more interesting than finding out how much your soul is worth is answering the questions. The choices of answers are very interesting to say the least. I would love to find out how my readership would answer those questions. Maybe I’ll make each questions as a future blog post and ask readers to answer it. I’m sure it’ll create a lot of discussion. In the mean time, how much is your soul worth? Let me know in the comments.