How Much Can You Make With AGLOCO?

Today I passed the 3,600 member mark in my AGLOCO network. As I write this post, my membership count stands at 3,611. This is a 601 sign up increase since I posted my last AGLOCO update nine days ago. This is a big improvement and a sure sign that things are picking up.


How Much Can You Make With AGLOCO?

Aside from the most asked question of when the Viewbar will be available (the answer is 4-6 weeks), the second most asked question is how much money can you make from this deal? For that answer, many AGLOCO members are pointing to the Simmons Report for potential AGLOCO earnings.

The Simmons Report valuations are based on AGLOCO getting 2 million users in two years. Now the first question a new member may have is how can the Simmons Report based its number on 2 million in 2 years when AGLOCO themselves have stated their goal is to get 10 million members by July 1st, 2007. The answer is quite simple. The Simmons Report is based on ACTIVE USERS. When you sign up with AGOLCO, you become a member even if you don’t do anything. And when something doesn’t cost anything, it’s pretty easy to do nothing. The fact of the matter is 80% of the membership will never sign up another person. This was how it was with the old AllAdvantage and I don’t expect it to change with AGLOCO. In a way, this is good for me because I have less competition. So how much can you make with AGLOCO? The Simmons Report came up with the following data.

  • A user who has no referrals should receive ownership in AGLOCO worth about $150 plus monthly cash distributions.
  • The average value of an AGLOCO user’s referral network should be $30 each in ownership shares plus the referrer’s share of monthly cash distribution.
  • The average AGLOCO direct referral should be worth in excess of $3,000 each.
  • The monthly cash distributions should be between $5 and $15 a month per user.

All the above is based on 2 million active users. We know that 80% of the membership won’t be active in signing people up so based on that we can assume 10 million total members. AGLOCO plans to be at 10 million members in the next six months, not two years. So if anything, the Simmons Report is being very conservative.

A member who signs up nobody but just surf the maximum five hours per month should make $5 to $15 per month. The number will depend on the size of the user base and state of the Internet advertising market. The question this brings up is would people surf the Net with a toolbar for $5 to $15 per month? Well, millions of people surf the Internet right now with a Google or Alexa toolbar for $0 per month. Imagine what they would do if they got paid for it.

A Better Deal Than AllAdvantage

For the 20% of the membership who will build AGLOCO, I can say the deal we’re getting this time around is much better than the old AllAdvatage deal. Not only will you be making money from your referral network but you’ll also be getting ownership in the company that could worth $30 for every referral you have (based on 2 million users). The bigger the user base gets, the more your ownership per referral is worth.

How much can you expect to make off each referral in your network? From my old AllAdvantage days, I was making 30 to 50 cents per month off each referrals in my network. This was just on pure banner ads and nothing else. The AGLOCO Viewbar will be offering banners adverting, contextual advertising, search advertising and affiliate deals, so I see no reason why it can’t beat the rate of the old AllAdvantage Viewbar. We are in another dot com boom. I make more with ads now than I ever did in the old boom days. Of course, 50 cents per month off each members isn’t that much, but when you multiply that by 3,611 members (increasing by over 60 per day), it’s $1,800+ a month. That’s not bad for just surfing the Web! And there’s still the $30 per member ownership part of the deal.

Some Useful Sites To Get You Started

AGLOCO Company Blog – The official company blog of AGLOCO. You’ll find the latest company developments here.

The AGLOCO Test – I believe this is one of my referrals. This website will determine if real money can be made by surfing the web and referring others to do the same. So far, he is at minus $89.21. Daily updates will allow you to follow every detail of the test from Day 1.

AGLOCO News – I am pretty sure this guy is one of my referrals. The site offers news and updates on AGLOCO, plus you may relate more with the author because he is building his network the way most will build it – one member at a time.

RZ McCall – McCall is one of AGLOCO’s top guns. He recently passed 11,500 referrals. Here’s the killer part. He did all this with just 82 direct sign ups. McCall is a specialist in the “friends and family” rollout plan. He credits that plan with building his network.

AGLOCO Top Gun – A list of the top 10 AGLOCO referrers, ranked by total referrals and most directs. I’m currently rank #3 in total referrals and #1 in directs. The list can serve as both motivation and proof that people are building this thing.

Harold’s – This blog did a five part analysis of the Simmons Report that is worth reading if you wish to really get down and dirty with the numbers.

Now Is The Time To Build

As I’ve stated in my last post, I feel NOW is the time to build your AGLOCO network because you have very little competition at this time. Waiting until the Viewbar is released may make it easier to sign people up but you’ll face more competition and may find the people you wanted to sign up have already signed up with someone else.

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