How Much Can You Make Off 1 Million Facebook Users?

If 999,999 People Join This Group My Dad Won’t Kick Me Out

19 year old Tiffany Stewart came home drunk one Saturday night and got caught by her father. Now he is going to be kicked her out of the house for being a problem child.

I tried to explain to my dad that it is normal for people my age to experiment with alcohol (most of my friends drink every weekend) – and that he is over reacting by kicking me out! I rarely drink and when I do it’s with friends I trust and we have a sobar driver! Dad thinks that NO ONE my age has ever consumed alcohol, and that I’m just a problem child. Since he refuses to “support my alternative lifestyle” I’m getting the boot. 🙁

Fortunately, Tiffany’s step mom stepped in and struck up a bargain. If the drunken 19 year old can find one million people that drank by age 20 and still turned out OK in life, she gets to stay. Tiffany is person #1. She only need to find 999,999 more. You can help her reach her goal by joining her Facebook group. In the five days the group has been up, the group had amassed over 11,000 members and growing at an amazing rate.


Then again, who wouldn’t want to join a group made up of drunken party girls? Tiffany is the blonde at the center.

How To Make Money Off 1 Million Facerbookers


The winner of this auction will get a link to their website posted in the group information (it will be the official URL of the group and will be the sole link displayed in the group). We will also write whatever you want about the website in the News section, and will encourage all members to visit the website! Your link will remain for the entire life of the group (you will still be getting hits from this group 12 months down the road).

The current bid is $6.50. A test link was posted for 14 hours on September 11th (when the group was at 4300 members) and received 561 clicks. Imagine how many clicks you’ll get once the group gets over a million members?

Real Situation or Evil Marketer at Work?

The Facebook group says Tiffany Stewart is from Charlotte, NC. However, I can’t find her individual Facebook profile. A search turned up a bunch of Tiffany Stewart, but none from Charlotte. The eBay auction was set up by some guy name Ben of Halifax, Nova Scotia (East coast of Canada). It looks like Ben created this group just to sell the sponsorship spot. I am not sure if Tiffany Stewart is real or if she is really being kicked out of the house, or if she even knows Ben. What I do know is the MySpacing of Facebook has begun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to create a million user Facebook group. How does, “Join This Group or I’ll Kill The Panda!” sound?

*Update – It looks like Facebook reads my blog. They have removed the group. As a result, Ben has removed the eBay auction.