How Many Posts Do You Show On Your Front Page?

When this blog first started, I used to display 20 posts on the front page. As time pass, I reduced the number of front page post to 15, then 10 and now, only five posts are displayed per page. My reason for doing this was to reduce the load time and excessive scrolling required to get to the bottom of the page. Since some of my posts can reach over 1000 words – and since I don’t break the post up in to multiple pages – even having only five posts can create a very long page.

Would you like to see more than five posts at a time on this blog? I generally do two to three new posts per day so you generally will be able to catch some of yesterday’s posts. However, for readers who don’t visit this blog on a daily basis, they could end up not seeing all the new posts. However, this wouldn’t be the case if you subscribe to my RSS feed. 😈

The question for this weekend: How many posts do you show on your blog’s front page and what is your reasoning behind it?