How Many Posts Before You Promote

One of the most common email questions I get is, “How many posts should I have on my blog before I do promotions.” I’ve received ReviewMe requests from blogs with just two posts before so it would seem that you can’t start promoting soon enough. However, the question itself is wrong.

The question you should be asking is not how many posts you should have, but when you’ll be able to maintain a constant posting frequency. If I were to give you a set number, say 20 posts, many bloggers will try to hit that number and then start promoting and forget that they still need to keep adding new posts.

Instead of trying to hit some magic post number, work on a getting to a constant posting frequency. Since this blog has gone “pro,” I have never had a day where there was no updates. Even before this blog hit the big time, it still average over 1 post per day. To me, not updating a blog is like not breathing. If you stop breathing, you die. The same thing happens to a blog if you stop updating it.

Make a goal to update your blog a set number of times per day/week and stick to it. Once you get on a constant posting habit, then you can start promoting your blog.