How John Chow Made Lewis Howes A Millionaire

During the 2009 Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, Zac Johnson and I set up an “Ask The Expert” table on the trade show floor to answer any questions attendees might have about blogging and making money online. Things started off slow but picked up really quick once word got out that Zac and I were on the floor.

I remember this big jock dude with a football came up to me, leaned over the table and asked, “How do I do make money online?” His name was Lewis Howes. You can see him in the video screen below.

Lewis took what Zac and I told him to heart and two years later, he was a speaker at the 2011 Affiliate Summit, showing how his Internet business was now making $1 million a year! Lewis even managed to corner me for an interview. You can watch the interview below.

While I would like to say I was the one who made Lewis Howes a millionaire, the truth is, he did it all himself. How did he do it? He leveraged the power of LinkedIn. Would you like to do the same thing?

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