How Internet Marketing Saved my Business

Last week, I introduced you to Wong Kog, the Asian restaurant owner turned Internet marketer. Most of you had a great time watching Wong’s crazy video on how to make money online.

You might have assumed that Wong is just a happy go lucky guy based on the first video, and you’ll be right for the most part. However, Wong does have a serious side, and we got see that when we sat down to talk Internet marketing. Wong told the fascinating story of how internet marketing saved his restaurant business from going under. I was extremely thankful that Oscar had the video camera running because Wong was speaking from his heart, and you can feel the raw emotion in his voice. This is what it’s all about folks. This is why we do what we do.

Wong Kog’s Happy Ending Movie Trailer

One thing I love about Wong Kog is he’s a doer. I told him he needed a demo video, and instead of saying “Ya.” and doing nothing like most people, he said “Ya!” and went out and created this “Happy Ending Movie Trailer” demo. It is every bit as epic as his first video. Make sure you sign up for to get your own happy ending, and more awesome videos.

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