How I Got To The Train Station

The day we left Suzhou was an extreme busy day. The Olympic torch was in town and making its way through the city. As a result of everyone trying to get a glimpse of the flame, we couldn’t find a taxi to take us to the train station. There was simply no taxis available!

Things started to get desperate as the deadline for our train ride approached. We thought about taking a bus but that wouldn’t work because it was too crowded and we had luggage. The buses were also way too crowded because everyone was using it to get to the torch relay. I cursed myself for not arranging a driver and private car.

In the end, Sarah came up with a solution that got us to the train station in time. It wasn’t the most elegant way to go catch a train but it worked. All I have to say is those rides at Magic Mountain have nothing on a human powered tuk-tuk!

I have to give major props to our tuk-tuk driver. He peddled Sarah and I, plus our big suitcase, through city traffic and into the station in only 20 minutes. The ride cost only 30RMB but I gave him 50 because I couldn’t wrap my head around receiving what amounts to $4.28 for that kind of effort.