How Hard Could It Be To Drive A F1 Car?

You think with all the computer control gadgets on board today’s state of the art Formula 1 cars, anyone can drive one. Mind you, they won’t drive like Michael Schumacher but you would think it would work for a few leisurely laps around the track. However, that is not the case as Richard Hammond of Top Gear found out.

The following video documents Hammond’s attempt at doing two laps around a test track in a modern day F1 car without killing himself, or the car. I should note that Hammond did mange to experience full throttle in the F1, for 0.2 seconds. Make sure you have the volume up because hearing Hammond scream like a little girl is pretty funny.

To get an idea on just how crazy F1 drivers are, watch this final lap battle between Massa and Kubica at the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix. I have no idea how they can even see where they’re going!