How Drive Traffic with Article

Article marketing is one of the most useful internet marketing methods available to you. Similar to blogging, it is the way you provide fresh content which highlights your expertise. Unlike blogging, you put it into an article directory that is searchable. The article directories allow you to put your website information at the bottom, which also provides valuable backlinks. Submitting an article is free, but if you want to submit to several article directories at once, you may have to pay for software to automate the process for you.

Do I need to be a great writer to use article marketing?

That can depend on your audience. If you are a professional writer, then your writing will be held to much higher standards than an article about cooking. The vast majority of articles do not have to be stellar – simply useful, coherent and leaving the reader wanting to find out more about either you or the subject. Simply start writing articles and perfect your craft as you go, or hire someone to write them for you.

How does article marketing work?


As mentioned above, you can submit your work to an article directory. Article directories have standards – no spamming, no advertising, no using banned links, and other rules. These rules are designed to keep everyone on an equal playing field, as well as to be sure that the users of the site get useful, informative content instead of a mass of advertising copy. Articles should be a certain length. Some allow you to have a profile and links to your social media sites, and can behave like a social media platform for writers.

Other ways to use article marketing is to submit articles to news agencies, blogs, and other places that take articles. You can use the notes section on Facebook, or create 500 word posts on Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. Other great places to publish are Squidoo, Hubpages and other similar content sites.  Get resourceful and you may find a lot of different places that will take your content.

How does article marketing help boost my website’s search engine optimization?

First, articles need to be unique. That means they are not copied off of anyone’s (or even your) website. They can have similar subject matter to a blog post that you put up. In fact, articles should be about a subject that is similar to your business. They don’t have to be Pulitzer Prize winners, but the better the content, the more they will make you appear to be an expert in your field.

Articles put on other websites with a lot of web traffic, links from other websites and recognized as authority websites by search engines, can give you a boost. These articles must link back to your website. Every piece of content on an authority site that links back to you is a strong “vote” for your website to go to the top of the search engines. This builds your traffic.

Now that you know how articles can drive a lot of traffic to your website, it is important to use these very important tools to bring you targeted leads. Some businesses only use article marketing, while others add article marketing to their arsenal of marketing tools. Not everyone uses article marketing. Whatever you decide, consider article marketing to help you drive traffic. It can be one of the best and most cost-effective ways of internet marketing.