How Do You Copy & Paste With That?

I recently received a dose of “Man, how the times have changed.” Ashley asked me how I uses to write a letter before computers and printers. I told her I used a typewriter and explained to her to what it was and how it worked. After the explanation, she asked me a question only a person of her generation could ask, “How do you copy and paste with that?”

That got me thinking about what kind of world Sally will grow up in? The stuff that Ashley is using right now maybe obsolete when Sally gets older. I can see her growing up in a world and not knowing what a VHS or a CRT TV is. She might be shocked that the TV had only 500 channels or that there was such a thing as long distance charges on phone calls. I’m sure she’ll wonder how I ever lived without the GPS equipped video VoIP Cell phone that plays music and videos at 1080P.

It’s amazing how much technology has progress in the last 10 years. I still remember the days of MS DOS! I was around when IBM lunched the first PC and thought that was an amazing achievement. Where do you see the world in 10 or 15 years? What super expensive high tech hardware are we using today that Sally will take for granted tomorrow?

I can just hear her saying “You mean computers back then couldn’t understand plain speech?” or “500 Gigs? My flash drive has more space than that!”