How Could This Be The Wrong Answer?

Ed Lau sent me the above Jeopardy video with the question, “How could this be the wrong answer?”

At first, I thought the answer was correct as well but upon reflection, I realized the answer was wrong. First, the category was “Spelled the Same,” so Ken was incorrect right there. In addition, a Ho is a prostitute. A prostitute does not seek immoral pleasure. She gives it.

For those who don’t know, Ken Jennings is the biggest Jeopardy winner ever. He won over $3 million on the show ($2,520,700 in winnings, a $2,000 consolation prize on his 75th appearance, and $500,000 in the Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions). That Ho answer has to rank as one of the funniest wrong answer ever. Ken may have gotten the question wrong but he still won the game. Moreover, he doesn’t have to face what these guys got for giving a wrong answer.