How Convert Leads to Customers with Webinars

The power of webinars cannot be underestimated and I personally don’t have the tools to launch a webinar series. However, many of the top bloggers occasionally will host webinars and the conversion rate will be through the roof. It’s important to note that webinars are NOT as simple as attracting people to a portal and promising to answer questions. You need to plan ahead, especially when you have an objective in mind. Just like the purpose of a paid marketing campaign is to generate loyalty and profits, webinars have the same purpose. In both cases, you’ll be investing a lot of money in tools, promoting, and attracting people. With that said,

To receive the best ROI, you have to know a few fundamental elements about hosting webinars. You need to know the best way to convert attendees into long-term customers and once you’ve established a solid strategy, it’s important to keep optimizing.

Let’s go over the fundamentals of webinar conversion strategies.


What is a Webinar?

Simple! It’s a web based seminar usually done in real-time using software. However, many people who are not comfortable on camera have done very well creating videos before the webinar and then playing them during the webinar, acting like a real-time feed. Both work well but real-time webinars are definitely the way to go as they are way more exciting.

Finding Your Topic

One of the hardest things ever when hosting webinars is finding a popular topic to present. It’s tough because you have to find a topic that NOT only will convert visitors into customers, but keep them engaged at the same time. However, niche research and analyzing your statistics will be able to provide all the information you need. Here are a few strategies that work well…

First, log into Google Analytics and find your top posts. You’ll be able to see what type of content people are attracted to on your blog. Gather a list of the popular 2-3 and combine them, creating something special for your audience. Remember, this content already resonates with your readers and during the webinar, you can expand the segment going into Q&A’s, adding more depth, etc.


Do what you always do to find the right topic, which is keyword research. Trends are always changing online so doing a quick search in Google will provide you with some awesome ideas. Visit other relevant blogs to gather content ideas and if they don’t have a webinar, then you should be the first to create one on that EXACT topic.

Promoting and Software

Personally, many top bloggers are using because of the complete interface. The pricing can be a little steep, but what good is cheaper software if it doesn’t get the job done? To find out the EXACT amount of people attending, you should launch a marketing campaign beforehand, asking them to register. This way, you can narrow down what plan will best fit your requirements. Webinars will cost you money, however, your objective should be to achieve some sort of ROI by selling them a subscription to a course, etc. This will bring down the cost of the webinar fee!

Here are a few cool methods to promote your webinar…

First, always start with the easiest, which is to send out an email to your subscribers. A majority of webinars I attend will be marketed through emails and subscribers are already loyal readers so they’ll most likely register. Remember, subscribers and customers are different and a subscriber is NOT a customer until they purchase for your product or service. Next, don’t forget to promote your webinar through content posted on your blog. For example, if you’re publishing content on your blog then it’s important to have clear indication of an upcoming webinar. This method is great for existing readers and new visitors arriving. Implement a clear “call-to-action” within the content, asking them to register.

Another cool way to promote your webinar is networking it out. If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ve built a network of influential people within your niche. Ask them to help out and offer them a referral bonus for anyone who joins and purchases through their link. It’s a great strategy to use, especially if you haven’t hosted a webinar before and need the initial push. Once you’ve completed your first webinar, you’ll have registration email addresses you can use to market the next time you host a webinar.

What’s Next…

One great way to convert attendees into actual buyers is to have a quick question & answer session. You’re going to have people from all over who might have trouble understanding some of the elements of the product you’re selling. However, a majority will simply need clarification before investing money into your product. Remember, the best way to convert visitors into buyers is to showcase the initial problem, then solution and further benefits. People love to use products that simplify a common problem.


Be very genuine in your approach and always run a follow-up session afterward. It might even help to have a form where people can schedule a follow-up one-on-one session that you can use to address questions and create the conversion. The main thing to keep in mind is to always help the visitor and put yourself in their shoes, looking for elements that will help make them feel more comfortable.

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