Here’s What Riding the 600 MPH Virgin Hyperloop Could Look Like

Virgin has released a cool new video showing what it maybe like to be a passenger of their upcoming Hyperloop. Set nine years into the future, the video highlights how easy and relaxing the experience of riding in an 600 mph tin can will be.

The Hyperloop experience doesn’t look much different than riding the ultra clean subway system of Singapore. The Hyperloop pods, which were designed by Teague, are windowless, but you won’t notice thanks to the LED screen that project images from the outside world. Each pod holds up to 27 passengers.

“Designing a new mode of transportation from scratch is both an opportunity and a responsibility,” said Virgin Hyperloop’s Director of Passenger Experience Sara Luchian. “Hyperloop technology, and what it enables, is paradigm-shifting. It follows that the passenger experience should be nothing short of extraordinary.”

Virgin Hyperloop completed its first test runs with passengers in November, hopes to achieve safety certification by 2025, and start commercial operations by 2030.