Here Is Your VIP Tour of The New Clickbooth Crib

As some of you may know, Clickbooth has been working on a new world headquarter and campus for the past year. Well, it’s finally finished and Clickbooth held a VIP open house to celebrate the opening.

The new Clickbooth crib offers 44,000 square feet of living space and sits on 12 acres of land (that makes my crib really small by comparison). Located at the corner of Clickbooth Way and IntegraClick Ave., the new crib offers amenities that would make any MTV star green with envy. The new HQ offers two game rooms, four refrigerators in the kitchen (where all the food is free) and a slide with three corkscrews. It’s so PIMP that Clickbooth has to force their employees to go home after work!

The first video is from the Clickbooth open house. The second video shows the new Clickbooth headquarter MTV Cribs style. Clickbooth is a big sponsor of John Chow dot Com and I congratulate them on their continued success. Want to be part of this? Clickbooth is looking for new employees and new affiliates. Go give them a shout if you’re interested.