Help UGM Feed The Hungry This Thanksgiving


A Life-Changing Meal – Only $3.29

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the Union Gospel Mission needs your help. On Monday, October 12, UGM will host their 22nd annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Preparations are underway as they expect to serve thousands of meals to hungry men, women, youth and children at their Vancouver, Mission and New Westminster facilities.

The Union Gospel Mission cares for the hungry, hurting and homeless of Greater Vancouver. Founded in 1940 as a small soup kitchen, UGM now has satellite facilities in Surrey, New Westminster, Mission and downtown Vancouver, and provides services from employment training to affordable housing solutions. UGM serves over 280,000 meals each year, and provides shelter for almost 10,000 individuals a year. They are an organization that I support and I am asking you to join me in helping to feed the hungry this Thanksgiving. A complete meal cost only $3.29. This is an amount I believe we can all afford.

I Will Match Your Donation

I will personally match every dollar donated by John Chow dot Com readers up to a maximum of $1000.00 per person. Simply make a donation at the UGM online donation page, then email me a copy of the receipt to johnchow @ Feel free to leave a comment about your donation as well.

All readers making donations will be recognized in a blog post this Sunday. If you have a website or blog, I will link to it. If you think about it, this is a pretty inexpensive way to get a link on this blog! Any reader donating $1,000 or more will receive a free review as well.

The meals and other services we provide can be the start of a new life and new beginning for those in need. I grew up in the Downtown Eastside, the poorest neighborhood in Canada. I did not come from money. I am where I am today because I know that in order to receive any blessings in life, you must first give. The more you give, the more you receive.

October 12 is less than a week away. The meals and other services we provide can be the start of a new life and new beginning for those in need. Let’s show the Union Gospel Mission that the John Chow dot Com community cares. I want to give away a lot of money. Please help me do so.

Help Feed The Hungry This Thanksgiving