Hello from Suzhou, China

While almost everyone will know what Shanghai is, most people wouldn’t have a clue where Suzhou is or what’s it’s famous for. Chances are, that mouse and LCD screen you’re using right now, came from Suzhou. Logitech has their plant in Suzhou, as does Benq and a bunch of others.

However, I’m not in Suzhou to visit the factories of my sponsors (that would be a cool idea, however). Instead, I’m in Suzhou to see what old China looks like. Suzhou has many old gardens and temples dating all the way back to the Ming dynasty. I’m also here to meet up with a John Chow dot Com reader. I’m sure I have more than one reader in Suzhou. However, he was the only one who emailed me so I’m taking him out to dinner. See you guys later!