Hello From E3!

We made it to LA nice and safe. Our flight landed early, but had problems hooking up the passenger exit ramp, so any time we saved on the flight was lost in the wait for fixing the ramp.

We picked up our car at Enterprise but they gave us one with a broken lighter socket so the GSP had no power – that’s what happens when you rent a Ford Focus. The rental employee got us into a Nissan that had a functioning lighter socket and we were off. Our GPS proved priceless during the drive to our hotel and to the Highlands to pick up our other editors from the Nintendo and Microsoft press conferences.

Right now, I’m at the E3 Expo media room typing this blog entry. In a few minutes we’ll be heading over to the eFocus party. Last year the theme of the party was “Superheros”. They were giving aways comics and other superhero stuff. I think this year’s theme is Surf City USA.

Look for pictures later tonight.