Hello From Costa Rica!

I know. It was only a few days ago when I was in Omaha, Nebraska, for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. Now, I’ve jetted off to another country all together. One of the advantage of living the Dot Com Lifestyle is I can do stuff like this.

The other advantage is, when I do fly, I go first class, and I can bring my family because living the Dot Com Lifestyle is always more fun when you have love ones to share it with. Sally really enjoyed the extra space first class gives you.


I’m in Costa Rica for the MOBE Platinum Mastermind. This is MOBE’s flagship event. Nearly 200 people are expected to fly in from all over the world for it.

The Platinum Mastermind starts on the 8th and ends on the 14th. I plan to stick around Costa Rica until the 25th. For the next three weeks, I’ll be running John Chow dot Com from Central America! Don’t you just love how the Internet gives us the power to do this?