Hell Didn’t Sell

Hell.com went up for auction yesterday in Hollywood, Fla. Hell.com was part of a list of top level generic domains going on the blocks by domain name seller Moniker.com. Some of the other domains that went up for auction include above.com, cameras.com, elections.com, downloadgames.com, internetradio.com, mortgage.net, breathalyzer.com, caymanislands.com, people.net, tall.com, university.org, sexeducation.com and babies.net.

The owner of Hell, I’ll call him Satan but this his real name is Kenneth Aronson, put a $1 million reserve on the underworld’s domain. However, there were no takers and all the bids failed to reach the reserve price. This is not the first time Mr. Aronson has tried to sell Hell. Back in April 2000, the domain was on the auction block with a starting bid of $8 million. No takers back then either.

I guess nobody wants any part of Hell. I wonder if Heaven if for sale?