HDR Photo Walk of Woodbridge North & South Lake

After experiencing hot in Mexico and cold in Big Bear, I’m back to just right in Orange County. At least it’ll be just right until I shoot off to Las Vegas this Saturday (these are the problems you face when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle).

Since I’m at my second home for a bit, I decided to do a HDR photo walk of my village. For those who don’t know, a photo walk is just that. You walk around and take photos of stuff that you find interesting. It’s actually a very popular thing among photographers, and it’s a great way to improve your photo skills and get some exercise at the same time.

All the communities in Irvine are call villages. The village of Woodbridge covers roughly four square miles and has two large man-made lakes at its center. The village is bisected into two residential segments, called North Lake and South Lake. The lakes are between three and six feet deep and each is crossed by a large wooden foortbridge, which is how the village got its name.

In addition to the two lakes, residents can enjoy two beach lagoons, 22 pools, 16 spas, 13 waders, 24 tennis courts, a splash pad, numerous parks with play equipment, volleyball courts, a big wheel park, horseshoe facilities, and a fitness course. Want to live here? Bring lots of money. The average detached house cost over $1 million.

The photos from the walk were taken with my Sony A7R II camera using the Sony 24-240 lens. This is a great combo to take on a photo walk. You can view all 55 HDR photos in full resolution at my Flickr account.


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