Happy Twitter New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Despite the economic downturn, 2008 was a record year for me and I’m looking forward to bucking the trend again in 2009. I got some big plans for this year and I can’t wait to start on them.

It’s amazing how fast a year comes and goes. It only felt like yesterday when I started this blog to ramble about whatever was on my mind. Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined it would get this big. Many people ask how I did it. My answer has always been the same – have fun at what you do and never give up. Even if this blog makes nothing, I would still be blogging because this is what I do for fun. It’s just a bonus that the blog made over $400,000 last year.

Last night, I asked my Twitter followers to send in their New Years greetings. I was going to post it at midnight last night but the server that powered the Twitter script went down and didn’t came back until now. Better late than never I say. Thanks to everyone who sent in Twitter New Years greetings!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you make 2009 your year to shine.

@sallychow (Sally Chow) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from www.SallyChow.com I hope you all enjoy the joy of a baby! We are really fun!!!!

@RandomGoodStuff (RGS) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years from http://www.random-good-stuff – Valencia, Spain!

@olgi (Olgi Zenullari) says:
@JohnChowDotCom "Happy 2009, Hope it brings joy to you and your family, I hope you wont have to visit again the hospital in this year :-)"

@tremellino (tremellino) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Best of luck for everyone in 2009! And remember, no pain … no gain!

@TYCP (TYCP) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to you John & all the readers! May 2009 bring joy & happiness to all.

@dulcenegosyante (Dulce Rose Lada) says:
@JohnChowDotCom May we be blessed abundantly with more success in 2009. Happy New Year, John.

@chrisjacobson (Chris Jacobson) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to all of John Chow’s readers… now go make some money!

@meethere (meethere) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to Mr. Chow and its huge readerbase from www.problogineer.com . πŸ˜€

@jrbadet (John Ray ) says:
Happy new year!!!!

@TechDaddy (TechDaddy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Thx. Hope to see you at The Night Before CES Party in Vegas. Happy New Year!

@chintan100 (Chintan Patel) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year, John!! Just subscribed to your mailing list and downloaded your ebook.

@qutequte (qutequte) says:
@JohnChowDotcom Healthy 2009 to you!

@frenchychu (frenchy chu) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Have a Wonderful New Year!

@brentnau (Brent Nau) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Let 2009 be a healthy and productive year!

@ChefPatrick (Chef Patrick) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years John!!!

@StarMars (StarMars) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Have a happy and fruitful New Year to everyone! πŸ™‚

@stephenfung (stephen fung) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year… Yup… That’s about it…

@flagusco (James Wilcox) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year John and to all John’s readers. Hope 2009 is the best year yet for everyone!

@nischalshetty (Nischal Shetty) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I wish u shine brighter than d stars.I wish dis year helps U forget ur scars.2009 wil bring it all,May U rise n neva fall!

@rahuljrark (Rahul Jadhav) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a very very Happy n prosperous New Year

@Linetteg (Linetteg) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Here’s to the New Year, I hope everyone has a great one!

@FeedingTheCrave (Eric Tan) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year twitter people!

@pcsbox (Prasanth Chandra) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wish u 12 months of happiness,52 weks of fun,365 days success,8760 hours gd health,52600 minutes gd luck,3153600 seconds …

@Skitzzo (Ben Cook) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years John Chow readers! Head over to http://flippingeasy.com & ask any questions you have about site flipping!

@thatJENgirl (Jennifer H. Goodwin) says:
@JohnChowDotCom HAPPY NY. May we work smarter play harder and love longer πŸ™‚

@tjbuffoonery (Trilby Jeeves) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing all my fellow twitterers your desired New Year. A little relaxing 2008 exit for you….http://snipurl.com/9bqcy

@ganeshsrinivas (Ganesh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom I wish you a very happy new year! I hope I will be successful in all my ventures this year. πŸ™‚

@robertsaunders (robertsaunders) says:
@johnchowdotcom Wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous new year!

@SunFinancial (SunFinancial) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy The Year of Bull 2009!

@rayebersole (Ray Ebersole) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to everyone. I’m waiting for my son to be born, he’s due today! Here’s looking at a great New Year!

@greenertrends (greenertrends) says:
@johnchowdotcom Go Green in the New Year with Weekly Green Tips at http://tinyurl.com/7ozsb8

@tstrump (TStrump) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year’s and all the best for 2009!

@claudgrrl (claudgrrl) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing everyone a successful, healthy and happy 2009! Reach for your goals!

@techguy (John Lynn) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years!! Here’s to another year of stealing t-shirts from companies like Izea!

@JenTekk (Jen Duguay) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from JenTekk Web Solutions. May it be full of adventure, love and blessings!

@nrajasekharan (Rajasekharan N.) says:
Wish All The Readers Of John Chow Dot Com A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year. Rajasekharan N.

@philladden (philladden) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Best of 2009 to you, John! From PhX Phil, Phoenix, AZ,

@ScoobysWorld (ScoobysWorld) says:
@JohnChowDotCom everyone have a prosperous 2009! (btw i’ve been drinking champagne ouf of a paper cup πŸ˜†

@natewhitehill (Nate Whitehill) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year to all of the readers of the most evil blog online! 2009 ftw!

@Gayla (Gayla McCord) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Here’s to kickin’ 2008 O-U-T. With the new year comes new hope & a feeling of renewal for many including moi. W00T!

@tastingvan (Tasting Vancouver) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from TastingVancouver.ca

@suzhi (Sascha Γ―ΒΏΒ½reten) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to all who follow me and visit my site www.konzertwelten.de

@webtrafficroi (ZK) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Lots of success to you and your family in 2009

@bluefur (Gary Jones) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year from everyone @BlueFur. Hope the best for you and your family for this year.

@ryanr14 (Ryan Ray) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year everyone! May 2009 be a great year for you.

@DebNg (DebNg) says:
@JohnChowDotCom My best wishes for a happy, prosperous and peace-filled new year.

@Pakblogger (Sohail) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy new year john and all readers of johnchow.com πŸ™‚

@justinf (justin Flavin) says:
@JohnChowDotCom happy new year John Chow. all the best from the UK! here’s to 2009…

@coated (coated) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Heading out shortly…..wishing everyone a Happy New Year and nothing but the best in 2009.

@nachase (nachase) says:
Hi JohnChowDotCom @JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year to one who inspires though his kindness and being a real person. See you in ’09 nachase

@FilmsFight (FilmsFight) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Years from FilmsFight.com

@tkrysak (tkrysak) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year Everyone, best wishes to all in 2009, 2008 is slipping away,yay

@ejcooksey (EJ Cooksey) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

@gourmeted (Joy) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy new year!

@JustJulie (Julie Vazquez) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Cheers!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR Cheers!!!!

@alpesh (Alpesh Nakar) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year 2009!

@steitiyeh (steitiyeh) says:
@JohnChowDotCom Happy New Year Blogosphere!! I wish 2009 will be better for everyone ! I Really wish everyone the best!

@FunnyChixDotCom (FunnyChixDotCom) says:
@johnchowdotcom My goal in 2009 is to carve a trail across the Internet. Happy New Year !!

@ThePokerJerk (The Poker Jerk) says:
@johnchowdotcom Happy New Year, loser! (Just trying to get first in line on your inevitable New Year Twitter Shout Out post)