Happy Canada Day

If someone hadn’t told me today was Canada Day and that Monday would be a holiday I would have never knew. Aside from Christmas and New Years, I don’t know nor keep track of any of the holidays. To me it’s just another day since I don’t have a normal 9-5 job.

It seems to me that people look forward to weekends and holidays a lot. We all hear the saying “I can’t wait for the weekend” or “Thank God it’s Friday” etc. I can only assume that people who say this thing don’t like working at their job. If that’s the case, why do they keep on doing it day in and day out? Canada is a country of choices. You can choose to do what you want here. We enjoy a freedom that many countries don’t have and Canada Day is a good day to reflect on what this country is all about.

I am fortunate to be living in Canada. More to the point I’m fortunate to be living in Vancouver, the best city in the world – and don’t just take my word for it. Vancouver has won best city honors for many years now. In the past, I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else in the world other than Vancouver. As I travel the world more I am starting to see other possibilities. However, no matter where I may end up, Canada and Vancouver will always be home base for me.

Happy Canada Day.