Happenings In The Community

I took quick trip around the John Chow dot Com community (918 members now) to see what members were talking about. This is something I enjoy doing a lot because it helps me discover blogs that I may not have noticed before. Here’s what a few community members are talking about.

Everybody Go To has an interesting article on gaming ReviewMe for hits to your website. How do you do that? You raise the price of your reviews to $750 so you show up at the top of the publisher listing. No one will order a review from you but they may look at your two star blog to see why you think it’s worth $750.

Speaking of ReviewMe, Net Business Blog has an article call Paid Reviews – Payment is Just an Incentive. In it, Matt discuss that your priority list when doing paid reviews should be: 1) does it fit into my niche 2) do I like the product or can I give a bad review 3) consider the payment.

Along the same line as above, I Help You Blog shows you How To Make An “Off-Topic” Paid Posting “On-Topic” And Keep Your Readers Happy.

Derrich.com is holding a Bloggers Tournament. Apparently, I am in it and I made it pass the first round. I’m up against Career Ramblings (who is offering help on your job application) in the second round. Since I don’t want to beat up on a girl, I recommend everyone vote for Jane.

Lee Dodd has a couple contests going on. Lee has kick started EarnersForum 2.0 with a $12,000 contest, including 5 full passes to Affiliate Summit East and a gaming system. Lee is also giving away one free ticket to Elite Retreat.

Mitchell Harper at HarpzOn.com shows you how to make your Windows desktop look like a Mac. Why would you want to do that? I have no idea. That’s like a guy dressing up as a girl.

Last but not least, North x East says 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot. I wonder if he made that up?