Hansshow Swivel Mount V3 for Tesla Model Y/3 Review

In my last Tesla video, I installed a swivel mount by Hansshow Technology. Since then, Hansshow has undated the mount for even more functionality and I got a chance to test it out in my Model Y Performance.

The new Hansshow Swivel Mount V3 for the Tesla Model Y/3 allows you to rotate the screen 30 degrees left to right and 15 degrees up and down, so you can find that perfect viewing angle.

Installation of the V3 mount is the same as the V2 mount and shouldn’t take more than an hour. The V3 and V2 mounts look the exactly the same as well. The only way to tell that you have a V3 mount is the fact that you’ll be able to tilt the Tesla screen up and down.

The V3 mount cost $70 more than the V2 mount. That’s a worthwhile upgrade in my books. You get twice the movements for only 30% more money. You can reduce that price gap even more by using coupon code JOHNCHOW to save 15% on any products Hansshow sells.