Guess My February Blog Income And Win


Tomorrow I will be posting my February blog income recap. I’m sure everyone is dying to know if I was able to beat the $3,440.66 figure I posted in January. Well, I figure I will make a game of it. I want everyone to take a guess at how much this blog made in February.

What You Are Playing For

You are playing for a custom branded wristwatch from Abit Computer. This custom-made watch, with a face done in the Abit corporate color is given only to deserving Abit employees and visiting international media. It was presented to me on my last trip to Abit’s world headquarters in Taipei. I have never worn the watch and it has been sitting in storage all this time. Now, you can win it!

The Rules Of The Game

Make a comment in this blog post with your best guess on how much you think John Chow dot Com made for February 2007. You are allowed to make only one guess and you cannot change it once you post it. Closest answer the actual income figure, without going over, wins.

This contest closes at midnight (PST) tonight. Good luck and guess away!