3 Ways to Scale and Grow Your Blog

At its core, blogging is great. But at the same time… anyone can start a blog. In fact, there are now more than a billion active websites on the internet today, and more than 30% of them are blogs. WordPress makes the process of creating a site and content online extremely easy. With so much ease behind all of it, it also means there is a lot of trash out there and it’s going to be hard to get your site seen by the masses.

With all of this in mind, today we are going to look at some of the best methods, tools, and solutions for not just getting more done, but also how to maximize the reach and life of your content as well. While reading through each of the methods below, also remember that QUALITY over QUANTITY is key. It’s often better to have a site with 10 pages of really great long-form content, then a site with 100 articles at just 500-words each. It will also make the promotion and SEO process much easier as well.

Outsource the Small Stuff and Focus on Your Expertise

When you first start a blog, it’s all about content creation. As you get a better understanding of how SEO and ranking in the search engine works, your focus might lean towards this area. Then, as your site starts to get more traffic, you may find you are more interested in paid traffic and blog monetization. Soon enough, you will find yourself being pulled in different direction and not able to focus on what matters most — running your business as a blog and making money with it.

For times like these, it might be best to start outsourcing different areas of your site. If you have an information-based site that isn’t really personal to you, it’s a good idea to hire a content writer. At the same time, outsourcing SEO is a great way to put your money, time, and expertise to use as well.

This can all easily be done through an online job marketplace like FreelanceMyWay.com. Through the screenshot below, you can see this marketplace focuses on all of the major pain points for creating a successful online business — covering everything from web development, optimization, data entry, content creation, SEO and more. The real benefit of the site is that site owners and bloggers can select whatever category most applies to the work they are looking to get done, then simply writing out the job task and seeing any new proposals and bids that

The most important thing here to keep in mind is knowing how to best spend your time and money. If you know you can make more money by ranking your content higher in Google, versus writing content. Then hiring someone to do all of your content writing, and doubling up on your SEO efforts would be a great idea.

Convert Your Best Content into Online Video

With everything mentioned in the previous point, it’s important for all site owner, bloggers, and marketers to try and get the most out of their content. Content creation not only takes time, it can bring a lifetime supply of traffic back to your site if you are repurposing it in the right ways, and effectively sharing it on social media.

Text content is great for SEO and bringing in traffic from Google, but fewer people are reading content and using Google — so what’s a blogger to do? Simple… start looking for new ways to convert your existing content into more consumable content — such as online video.

Through the use of a simple drag-and-drop video software solution like mysimpleshow, anyone can start creating videos from their existing content. All it takes is setting up an account, creating a new video, and plugging in your text from your existing blog content. Such videos can also be created for landing pages and sales pages — as whiteboard and explainer videos usually work pretty well with converting audiences into real leads and sales.

Not only will this provide you with a new way to share your content and also take advantage of video on social media and YouTube, it also makes your content easier to consume. With more people using their mobile devices to access the internet, it’s now more about online video than ever before.

Create the Best Autoresponder and Sales Funnel Possible

So far we discussed the importance of content creation and how to put your time and money to best use. A perfect example of both of these in motion can be seen through the power of an email list and proper sales funnel.

John Chow started this blog with the intention of making no money at all. Then, during his case study where he wanted to see how much he could make with affiliate marketing and direct ad sales, he brought the site’s earnings up to $40,000. While this is nice, he was then able to increase his sales to over $100,000 through the use of his mailing list and a great sales funnel.

Jump ahead to today and it’s that effective blog visitor-to-email subscriber method that now allows John to make over seven-figures per year with his blog.

The takeaway here is simple. Create content that people find value in, market it to an audience, then gain their trust and attention through the use of an effective email and autoresponder series that ultimately leads to sales funnel in the process. This method works for nearly any brand or business today, you just need to take the time to implement it and make sure you have all of the working components in place.

If you need more guidance on how to properly setup an autoresponder campaign, while also seeing a few examples of great templates and daily mailing breakdowns, be sure to take a look at this email marketing guide.

Your blog is a business in the making…

If you want to find real success with your blog and making money online, you need to stop thinking of it as just a ‘blog’. Look at it as a real business. You need to have something to offer your audience, a way to monetize your content and traffic, and also a means to get such content and value in front of the right audiences.

Once you have a solid business and marketing plan in place, be sure to implement each of the methods above to make sure you are getting the most out of your ‘blog business’.

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